About Us

We are a non-profit organization that raises awareness, and provides education, support, and outlets for Transgender Persons and Non-Conforming Gender Identity Persons, and their allies.

The purpose of this organization is to fulfill the mission stated by offering several different platforms to express their identity including the various art forms and educational support groups throughout the United States.

One of our ultimate goals is to have the different outlets and support groups available in every state.  We already have a vast amount of interest in several states.  Currently, we have an established presence in Dayton, OH.

Board Members

Devin Dame, President / Treasurer

Gage Gatlyn, Vice President

Dr. Heather Stewart, At Large

Rene Hick, Secretary

Lachlan Anderson, At Large

We at Gatlyn Dame Group care about your health and take the COVID 19 (Corona virus) seriously. The CDC has recommended that gatherings should be no more than 10 people. After much consideration we have decided to cancel physical support groups until further notice. We are currently working on a way to have online support outside of Facebook. Until then, please use our Facebook Groups: Gatlyn Dame Group Dayton, OH and Gatlyn Dame Group Preble Co, OH. If you are not a member join now. We all need all the support we can get right now. Let’s be there for each other!

Please stay safe and healthy.

Gage, Devin, Heather, Rene, and Lachlan

Gatlyn Dame Group, Inc.

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Current Locations

We currently have a Presence in

Greater Dayton, OH

***Contact us now if there is a need for support or education in your area***

Let It Be Known!

Is there a support group, or event, or resource that you would like to share with others? Contact us to have it added to our site.


The Greater Dayton LGBT Center
(937) 274.1776
~Women’s Valentine Dance
~Community Dinners
~Create Program for Sexual Minorities

PFLAG Greater Dayton
~Support, Education, Advocacy
~Parents Group and Resources

Equitas Health
Care For All
~Trans/LGBT Health
~AIDS/HIV/STD Resource

~Provides safe schools for all children
~K-12 Based
~Forms GSA (Gay Straight Alliances within Schools)

Human Rights Campaign
~Social Welfare of LGBT Community
~Public Education
~Ensures Equality in the USA

Equality Ohio
(614) 224.0400
~Fights for Equality