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Transgender, Non-Conforming, All-Inclusive Gender Group, and their Allies!

Dayton Support Group:
3rd Tuesday of Every Month
Time: 7pm
Meeting Place:
The Greater Dayton LGBT Center
24 N. Jefferson St., Suite 200, Dayton, OH 45402

March Social:
Mister USofA MI Classic 2019 Pageant
Time: 10pm ~ Cost $10
Meeting Place:
Masque Nightclub
34 N. Jefferson St., Dayton, OH 45402
Did you know the Gatlyn Dame Group also provides OUTLETS for transgender & nonbinary persons and our allies? Other than Socials we also offer Art outlets like Drag Shows and Pageants that are open to LGBTQIA individuals. Gatlyn Dame Group presents 3 Divisions of the USofA Pageants for those assigned female at birth. Dayton is the Host City for those 3 divisions.
The first one of the week is Mister USofA MI Classic 2019
A creative fusion of Fashion and Art like you have never seen not will ever forget!!
Join is for one of the 3 most prestigious National Pageants of the year, Celebrating Male Illusionists, honoring Ken Dartanyan!!
There will be an array of LGBTQA contestants and entertainers including transmen, nonbinary, and cis female Drag Kings! All contestants were assigned female at birth! Our emcee for the evening will be the stunning Faith G. Taylor, all the way from Jacksonville, FL.
If you like Drag Queens, then this event will blow your mind! You’ll never look at Drag in the same way again!!
Join us for the Final Night of Mister USofA Classic 2019 for qualified contestants over 33 year of age. These dignified, Classic Gentlemen will steal your hearts! Come on out and see who takes home the staggeringly beautiful, traditional crown this year!

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